Attention to Australia's customer :
Since 1/11/2013, we are able to deliver our coffee to Australia. Feel free to place order.

Attention to all customers :
1) We received lot's of request to obtain distributorship of our coffee in other countries. Thank you for your interest, after go through serious consideration, we prefer to sell our product to oversea through this website.

2) Please DO NOT order using aramex. we will not deliver to aramex

Any issue regarding your order, please contact :

About Us

Welcome to our Penang White Coffee website     

For all coffee lovers in the world, we are proud to introduce and launch finally.

Basically we are in the instant coffee market for more than 10 years. Most of our customer came here (Penang) as tourists and we introduce them with our famous white coffee and other local products as well. With 0ver 10years of introduction experience, turn out coffee is the most welcome beverage. Not only in Penang, we also found out coffee is the second most welcome beverage in the world. So which beverage is the first? Yes it’s Beer. But beer is an alcoholic drink.

Our goal is to target a healthier and enjoyable new generation drinking habits. That's why we choose coffee.


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